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Title Author/s Year
R2R embedded conductive structures integrated into OPV devices H.J. van de Wiel, Y. Galagan, T.J. van Lammeren, J.F.J. de Riet, J. Gilot, M.G.M. Nagelkerke, R.H.C.A.T. Lelieveld, S. Shanmugam, A. Pagudala, D. Hui, W.A. Groen 2013
Charge Carrier Transport and Contact Selectivity Limit the Operation of PTB7-Based Organic Solar Cells of Varying Active Layer Thickness Jon Ajuria, Ikerne Etxebarria, Roberto Pacios 2013
Correlating the Polymorphism of Titanyl Phthalocyanine Thin Films with Solar Cell Performance Karolien Vasseur, Barry P. Rand, David Cheyns, Kristiaan Temst, Ludo Froyen, Paul Heremans 2012
Understanding Metal Doping for Organic Electron Transport Layers Alexander Mityashin, David Cheyns, Barry P. Rand, and Paul Heremans 2012
Surface treatment patterning of organic photovoltaic films for low-cost modules I. Etxebarria, J. G. Tait, R. Gehlhaar, R. Pacios, D. Cheyns 2013
Efficient Tandem and Triple-Junction Polymer Solar Cells Weiwei Li , Alice Furlan , Koen H. Hendriks , Martijn M. Wienk , and René A. J. Janssen 2013
Concurrently pumped ultrasonic spray coating for donor:acceptor and thickness optimization of organic solar cells Jeffrey G. Tait, Barry P. Rand, Paul Heremans 2013
Nanomorphology influence on the light conversion mechanisms in highly efficient diketopyrrolopyrrole based organic solar cells Jon Ajuria, Sudam Chavhan, Ramón Tena-Zaera, Jihua Chen, Adam J. Rondinone, Prashant Sonar, Ananth Dodabalapur, Roberto Pacios 2013
Efficient truxenone-based acceptors for organic photovoltaics Christian B. Nielsen, Eszter Voroshazi, Sarah Holliday, Kjell Cnops, Barry P. Rand and Iain McCulloch 2012
Patent: Use of fluorinated subphthalocyanine fused dimers as electron acceptors for solar cells Torres Cebada, T.; Claessens, C.; Medina Martin, A.; Verreet, B.; Aernouts, T. 2012
Post-functionalization of Helical Polyisocyanopeptides with Phthalocyanine Chromophores by ‘Click’-Chemistry I. Lopez-Duarte, M. V. Martinez-Diaz, E. Schwartz, M. Koepf, P. H. J. Kouwer, A. E. Rowan, R. J. M. Nolte, T. Torres 2012
Structure induced conductivity enhancement in metal-doped molybdenum oxide thin films David Cheyns, Benjamin Kam, Karolien Vasseur, Paul Heremans,and Barry P. Rand 2013
Cyclopentadienylruthenium pi-Complexes of Subphthalocyanines: A “Drop-Pin” Approach to Modifying the Electronic Features of Aromatic Macrocycles E. Caballero, J. Fernández-Ariza, V. M. Lynch, C. Romero-Nieto, M. S. Rodríguez-Morgade, J. L. Sessler, D. M. Guldi, T. Torres 2012