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Johannes Rittner

Street name: Steinplatz 1
Town: Berlin
Postal code / Cedex: 10623
Country: Germany
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VDI/VDE-IT was created in 1978 as the management consulting subsidiary of both the VDI and the VDE, two of the largest engineering institutions in Europe. The company’s primary objective is to promote R&D in information technologies, to assist governments in developing initiatives to for accelerating technological development and to speed up product and process innovation in SMEs. Today, VDI/VDE-IT has a profound knowledge in coordinating European projects. The more than 100 employees, among them engineers, scientists, experts in business, economics, political science, and other fields of the social sciences, are a partner of federal and state governments, as well as the European Commission. Over the 25 years of its existence, VDI/VDE-IT has coordinated more than 6,000 innovative projects and aided over 500 start-up companies, thus providing the basis for the required managerial skills in conducting the project’s administrative work.

VDI/VDE-IT is partner in several EU funded activities, like Integrated projects (PolyApply, SHIFT, FlameSOFC, ILIPT, NanoHand), Networks of Excellences (GOSPEL) as well as CSAs (CE RFID, IMQ Net) and ERA-Nets (ERA-Pilot, MNT-Era-Net). For instance in PolyApply, VDI/VDE-IT was responsible for administrative and technical support of management including back-office services, IT- based project management including internal and external communication, administration and reporting including internal monitoring and review of deliverables & milestones, documents as well as reports. Within the work package “Accompanying activities” VDI/VDE-IT supported training activities as well as coordinated and supported main dissemination activities to project partners as well as external experts and stakeholders. As Board member, VDI/VDE-IT is responsible for the internal evaluation of the project partners, including development of an evaluation process as well as conducting the evaluation of the partners by the Board members.

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