Events daily 1 2011-08-09T13:21:50Z Workshop of ORGANIC PHOTOVOLTAICS: FROM MATERIALS TO MARKET (at Industrial Technologies 2014) This workshop will discuss the production and industrialization of organic photovoltaics from the development of new materials, to the roll-to-roll fabrication and yield optimization all the way to their market potential. No publisher becker Conference Workshop 2014-03-27T08:14:18Z Event SEMICON Europa 2013 SEMICON Europa is the place to see the leading companies, technologies, and people driving the future of micro- and nanoelectronics design and manufacturing. No publisher becker Conference 2013-07-11T08:37:30Z Event EuroNanoForum 2013 The EuroNanoForum 2013 Nanotechnology Innovation: From research to commercialisation – the bridge to Horizon2020 conference will be held in Dublin during the Irish presidency of the European Union. No publisher becker Conference 2013-06-27T09:03:55Z Event 8th Global Plastic Electronics Conference 2012 The Plastic Electronics Exhibition and Conference is the right place to engage the leaders in the large area organic and inorganic electronics (OLAE) industry in Europe and from around the world. Demonstrate your equipment, materials, and process technologies for plastic electronics manufacturing and showcase your innovations in front of a broad global audience! No publisher becker 2013-06-27T09:04:17Z Event EPoSS General Assembly & Annual Forum 2012 The EPoSS General Assembly & Annual Forum 2012 will be held in Paris, France, 26-28 September 2012. Participation is free of charge for EPoSS members. No publisher becker Conference 2013-06-27T09:04:30Z Event 39th International Research Conference Advances in Printing Media and Technology – Graphic Communication and Beyond. Continuing its more than 45-year tradition, iarigai announces its next event, the 39th International Research Conference No publisher becker Conference 2013-06-27T09:04:39Z Event ISFOE12 - 5th International Symposium for Flexible Organic Electronics ISFOE12 is the premier annual Scientific, Research and Exhibition event in Organic Electronics (OEs). Its target is to promote the scientific research in OE materials, processes, devices and applications, to solve problems related to nanomaterials (e.g. morphology, phase separation, interfaces, charge generation & transport, upscalability to large area processes) and to devices, to progress on the theoretical modelling & computational methods, to advance the understanding of the basic mechanisms & phenomena and establish the structure-property relationships that will allow the market implementation of OE devices. No publisher becker Conference 2012-03-28T07:57:48Z Event NANOTEXNOLOGY 2012 NANOTEXNOLOGY 2012 is the annual event to explore the opportunities in the emerging fields of Nanotechnologies & Organic Electronics. It includes a powerful community that brings together over 2,000 researchers, scientists, engineers, business and technical professionals to promote research and industrial collaborations and technology transfer by networking and matchmaking. No publisher becker Conference 2012-03-28T08:12:15Z Event ICOE 2012- 8th International Conference on Organic Electronics The conference intends to cover all aspects of organic electronics, including materials and chemistry, transistors, OLEDs, photovoltaic cells, circuits and circuit design, manufacturing and inclusion in systems. No publisher becker Conference 2012-03-27T13:16:05Z Event LOPE-C 2012 The leading European trade fair and conference on the hot topic of organic and printed electronics – LOPE-C is coming to Munich. The host and organiser of this event is to be Messe München. The new event offers a new and high-quality platform to all the manufacturers, industrial customers and research institutions engaged in the field of organic and printed electronics. The premiere will take place from 19 to 21 June 2012 at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre. No publisher cmueller Conference 2012-03-26T15:13:52Z Event Summer School on Organic PV Technology An interdisciplinary international summer school for young scientists on organic photovoltaics will take place from 10-14 June 2012 in Oliva, Spain. It will run parallel to the International Conference on Simulation of Organic Electronics and Photovoltaics (SimOEP12) and provide interesting lectures from known experts in the field and offer a great opportunity to exchange and network. No publisher cmueller 2012-05-29T09:21:45Z Event SMT Hybrid Packaging 2012 - System Integration in Micro Electronics SMT Hybrid Packaging is Europe´s largest event on System Integration in Micro Electronics. It is the ideal platform for the industry's leading companies to show the latest trends and developments as well as up-to-date solutions. With 32% foreign exhibitors, the event offers not only a wide, but also an international spectrum. Present your solutions to numerous trade visitors! No publisher becker 2012-03-27T08:13:36Z Event Drupa 2012 Print Media Messe Drupa is the largest printing equipment exhibition in the world. 390,044 visitors attended Drupa in 2008, and 1,953 exhibitors from 54 countries covered a total of 17.9 hectares of space. No publisher becker Exhibition 2012-03-26T15:40:04Z Event The 7th International ECNP Conference on Nanostructured Polymers and Nanocomposites Conference covers polymer science from fundamentals to applications: Synthesis of polymers, polymer architecture, processing, theory and characterization, interfaces, supramolecular chemistry. No publisher becker Conference 2012-03-26T15:30:04Z Event 8th International Trade Fair an Science Forum for Automatic Identification EuroID 2012 From 24 to 26 April 2012, the International Trade Fair and Science Forum for Automatic Identification EURO ID will once again open its doors to the public. Come to Berlin to experience concentrated expertise meeting exhibitors, trade and business professionals as well as guest speakers. We guarantee you a comprehensive overview of AutoID technologies regarding identification, data collection and acquisition as well as data transfer. No publisher becker Exhibition 2012-03-27T08:04:31Z Event